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H E A T    A d m i n i s t r a t o r   T r a i n i n g   (5 days)


Survey Questions from HEAT Administrator Training Attendees


Cost for 5-day course is $1595


Monday, Feb. 20th - Friday, Feb. 24th
Monday, May. 21
st - Friday, May. 25th
Monday, Aug. 20
th - Friday, Aug. 24th
Monday, Nov.. 12
th - Friday, Nov. 16th



 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM


1200 Woodruff Rd., Suite A-19
Greenville, SC  29607


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This class is a one-week introductory course designed primarily for the new HEAT Administrator.  Included in this training are Call Logging, HEAT Administrator, Auto-ticket Generator, BPAM, Alert Monitor, Manager’s Console, and Answer Wizard.  Upon the completion of this class, the student will have the ability to perform routine maintenance of the HEAT system. In order to provide our students with a more real-world environment, we provide a fully networked classroom with print and e-mail connectivity. This sets us apart from the training offered in Colorado Springs by FrontRange.

H E A T    A d m i n i s t r a t o r   T r a i n i n g

Course Agenda



Call Logging module as it relates to system design

It is essential to understand how the Call Logging system works in order to consider the design of a HEAT system.  For this reason, we spend this time discussing the functionality and flow of logging calls and screen design as it relates to the customization of a HEAT system.  Topics include: 

  • Screen layout and design
  • Creating and updating call records
  • Assigning call records
  • Using the journal
  • Creating and using call groups
  • Maintaining Profile and Configuration records
  • Using the Call History information

Customization of HEAT System 

We now get into the heart of the functionality that will allow you to customize a HEAT system.  This time is spent in an instructor led exercises and discussion of each area of the system that can be customized.  Topics include: 

  • Discuss concept of data sources and edit sets
  • Creating New Customer Types
  • Design Profile and Subset forms
  • Design Configuration types and forms
  • Define Call types
  • Design Detail formsDesign
  • HEAT validation tables

Continue workshop customization of HEAT system 

The morning will be spent in workshop format with further exercises and discussion on how a HEAT system can be customized with the guidance and expertise of the HEAT instructor. 

Administration of the HEAT system 

After a HEAT system has been customized, it is important to understand how to maintain the integrity of this valuable information.  The administration of HEAT is as important as the design of the system. Topics include:

  • Backing up a database and disaster recovery
  • Setting system defaults
  • Defining system security
  • Importing and exporting data from a database
  • Creating global changes for a database
First Level Support 

First Level Support (FLS) can serve as a powerful knowledge tool for a help desk or customer support center.  With FLS, you can collect, preserve, and maintain the valuable knowledge and experience of your staff.  Record the solutions you discover to your callers’ problems and you will never have to solve a problem more than once! New support staff can be trained more quickly and efficiently and provide a consistent base of answers and solutions to improve customer satisfaction.  Topics include:

  • Using First Level Support to resolve problem tickets
  • Using Commercial Knowledge Trees
  • Viewing linked note files, graphical images, and playing video or sound files
  • Creating and modifying custom knowledge
  • Importing and exporting knowledge

Alert Monitor 

Alert Monitor will keep users and technicians up to date on issues that have been assigned to them without having to be logged into Call Logging.  Your technicians are often in other programs, but need to be alerted when an issue has been assigned to them.  Based on groups created in Call Logging, Alert Monitor can be set to alert a technician whether they are at their desk or away from their desk, and will prompt the technician dependent on how the program is set-up.  

 Business Process Automation Module  

The Business Process Automation Module, or BPAM, is used to automatically monitor call record conditions.  An administrator will define business rules to govern the database. The module can then take actions to escalate issues, to modify call records, or to carry out predefined actions.  For example, a business rule can be defined so that Help Desk personnel are notified to examine call records that have been unchanged for more than five hours.  Topics include:

  • Adding, editing, or deleting a business rule
  • Modifying how issues are being monitored
  • Setting up how call records are modified
  • Selecting AutoTasks to be used in escalating issues
  • Changing the order of existing business rules
  • Enabling or disabling existing business rules without removing them from the list of rules

Security Based View Sets

HEAT allows you to create different views of the same form so members of certain roles can see fields on a form that other roles cannot.  Topics include:

  • Harborstone Credit
  • Apply the view to a role
  • Test the viewes

External Tables 

You are able to use external tables to validate fields in your HEAT system.  This will allow you to read data from the external table without having to maintain it in two different databases.  Topics include:

  • Prepare the external database for connection
  • Design an external table connection in the HEAT system

Auto Ticket Generator 

With the Autoticket Generator, you can set up your HEAT system to open call records directly from messages sent to MAPI or VIM-compliant e-mail systems.  Topics include:

  • Defining an Automatic Ticket
  • Sending automatic tickets through e-mail

Answer Wizard 

Analyzing the information stored in HEAT will allow the Help Desk manager to make decisions, such as how many calls are taken in a particular period of time, how many calls are open, and which technicians are working on what issues, etc. Answer Wizard allows the user and/or manager to report on the Help Desk, without needing any knowledge of a report designer. By answering a series of questions, Answer Wizard will run a report based on those answers. Consistently requested reports can be added to a special area making further reporting even more efficient.  Topics included:

  • Requesting reports through Answer Wizard
  • Printing and exporting reports
  • Putting often requested reports into a special area 

Manager’s Console 

Manager’s Console allows the Help Desk manager to visually keep track of what is going on in HEAT. This will allow them to better manage their staff and other issues that may come up, possibly handling a problem before it happens. Also, information on how past issues were resolved can be stored for future reference, not only helping the manager avoid a problem, but keep track of the solutions used in the past. By requesting the type of data to track and the style of graph to track the data, the user gets a real-time look at the database.  Topics include:

  • Requesting data to track
  • Creating graphs to track
  • Managing the data
  • Creating automated warning messages

The order of agenda contents is subject to change

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HEAT certified course material is used in all our HEAT classes

Survey Questions from HEAT Administrator Training Attendees

Would you recommend this course to another Administrator? If so, Why?
Yes. This course, and the instructor, thoroughly covered all of the aspects of HEAT. ... SD

Very informative and at a good pace. ... RW
I would recommend this course to a brand new admin. Not someone  with HEAT experience. ... RB
Yes, excellent orientation and initial hands-on to HEAT that I believe is required for successful operations.  . ... JH
Yes - Covered all aspects of various functions and modules. Instructor gave real world examples from his experiences. . ... DS

How did the class meet your expectations?
The class exceeded my expectations!. ... SD
Covered Everything I expected. ... RW

What additional comments do you have regarding the instructor?
Bryan did a great job at demonstarting the system and compared older versions of HEAT to allow us understanding into how to perform certain actions that may have been changed with the new version of 9.5 but are available in earlier versions and showing the differeneces and changes made in the newest version due to the variety of version used by students attending the class.
... KC

Good instructor, made sure everyone understood and was able to do everything.
... PC
Bryan was very enjoyable to work with and learn from. He has an excellent grasp of the software and was thorough and attentive during the course. I would recommend anyone to attend this class and would like to participate in additional training in the future
... MK

The Instructor was an excellent teacher with a lot of enthusiasm and energy. He certainly is an expert at HEAT and can think of creative ways to solve issues ... RB
I have probably had 10-12 courses over the years. From Novell to SAS. The Instructor ranks #1 in my book out of all previous instructors. ...
The Instructor made the environment friendly and welcome. He was a wonderful instructor and I will not feel hesitant to contact him or CreekPointe for help in the future. As a result, individual needs  and questions were addressed enthusiastically.. ... PM
Keep up the good work! Your real-life experiences really added to the presentation. One of the better training classes I have been in.. ...DS

                  ...from the following customers were greatly appreciated.

star KC - Kimberly Dawkins ,TCI TireCenters LLC
                                            star PC - Patricia Coney, Florida Department of Revenue
                                            MK - Mark Key, Richland County School District One 
                                            star SD - Sloan Davis, Pentagon Revovation Program Office/Sytex, Inc.
                                            star RW - Rick Ward, Office of the Surgeon General
                                            star RB - Ray Brosius, CompuCredit
                                            star JH - Jerry Haught, EMSI, Dallas TX
                                            star WEP - Wesley Ed Phillips, EMSI, DallasTX
   star PM - Paul McRae, Stock Building Supply (Formerly Carolina Holdings)
   star DS - Daniel Simon, First Indiana Bank

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