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Help Desk Automation is a process to help organizations improve the control of their IT infrastructure and make better business decisions about their Customer and Employee Service Management.

CreekPointe offers a complete solution for companies who want to improve their ROI, while increasing the level of service they provide.

Our methodology includes: Process Analysis and Development, Implementation of Help Desks, Obtaining the proper staff through Outsourcing,Temporary, or Permanent Placement, Training of Staff, Customer Service and Asset Management, and a strategic partnering with industry leaders.

Adhering to World Class Standards, this methodology has proven invaluable in diagnosing and solving infra-structural problems, at effectively managing change to improve reliability, and reducing the costs associated with these activities.


Process Analysis and Development

Whether you are establishing a new help desk, streamlining or re-engineering an existing support group, you must consider some basic factors:

  • Structure and Organization
  • Physical Environment
  • Hardware Requirement
  • Help Desk Automation Tool
  • Staffing

Processes are designed around successful business methods. Some of the fundamental help desk processes include: call handling, problem resolution management, call monitoring, workflow, service level management, customer satisfaction surveys, metric reporting, change management, and contingency planning.

CreekPointe's Help Desk Consulting Team combine the depth of best practices and leadership with expertise in how organizations respond to change, helping you analyze your current environment and provide recommendations that will optimize your performance. If you invest the time and effort in planning and development now, you will have long-term benefits resulting in higher revenue. We are committed to building a true partnership where you win with a successful help desk. When you win, CreekPointe wins!



During the implementation phase of your Help Desk Solution, CreekPointe will perform an Implementation Analysis and develop a schedule tailored to meet your business requirements. Our core focus is to help you create a help desk environment that will provide a positive impact on your company's overall business objectives while saving you valuable dollars



Which is right for your Help Desk? By established best practices, we partner with you to form a staffing solution that conforms to the needs of your Help Desk and it's customers while also achieving your operational and financial goals.

CreekPointe provides our clients with a wide array of outsourcing services. We have a staff of fully trained and experienced Help Desk technicians, service technicians and Systems Engineers certified in Microsoft and/ or Novell. We can meet your requirements with direct placement, temporary to permanent, or short to long term project candidates. We provide expertise in:

  • Help Desk Support and Implementation
  • Technical Outsourcing
  • LAN and WAN Administration
  • Hardware / Software Technicians
  • Call Center Management and Implementation

CreekPointe is dedicated to providing a total solution to our clients. This includes fast and accurate service, prompt and consistent attention to detail, and knowledgeable and professional employees.


Customer Service Management

From the help desk perspective, there are three core service goals:

  • Maximum customer satisfaction
  • Maximum employee retention
  • Minimum cost per unit of work

An effective help desk prioritizes these service goals based on primary business functions. While every help desk should have customer satisfaction as a primary goal, the relative importance will vary in comparison with employee retention and cost. There is a need to balance these service goals in alignment with your company's business objectives.

CreekPointe can help you analyze your current environment and develop a baseline to establish your customer satisfaction measurement goals. Short and long term assessment goals can be established to insure the continual improvement of your organization.


Asset Management

The management of a company's assets is the single most comprehensive way to reduce ownership costs. According to recent studies, managers underestimated their technology assets by over 30%. In short, they didn't know what they owned! Some reasons for implementing a cost effective management system are:

  • Controlling cost
  • Eliminating unnecessary purchases of duplicate equipment
  • Efficiently implementing new technology
  • Targeting true costs of equipment

Our Solutions provide seamless integration into a single point of contact with the Help Desk. This integration allows immediate and accurate information on assets to provide management with information required for effective company decisions.


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