Partner with CreekPointe and VMware AirWatch to ensure that your MDM project provides the results you expect. CreekPointe has focused on Mobility Management for over 5 years and provides the expertise that no other integrator can provide. With projects that range from hundreds, to hundreds of thousands CreekPointe has gained a pervasive insight into the nuances of deployment, integration into existing enterprise systems, end user support, and management/reporting of devices.

AirWatch Solutions Overview
AirWatch provides a comprehensive mobile security, device, application and content management solution to simplify mobility across multiple device types and mobile operating systems into one single console.

Mobile Device Management
Gain visibility over the devices connecting to your enterprise network, content and resources. Quickly enroll devices in your enterprise environment, conjure and update device settings over-the-air and enforce security policies and compliance across your entire device fleet.

Mobile Application Management
Manage internal, public and purchased apps across devices enrolled in your organization. Distribute, update, track and recommend apps over-the-air with the Enterprise App Catalog. Build custom internal apps with the AirWatch Software Development Kit (SDK), or wrap existing internal applications for advanced security.

Mobile Content Management
Secure document distribution and mobile access to corporate content anytime, anywhere in our Secure Content Lockerâ„¢. Store your corporate documents, email attachments and more in a secure container and protect sensitive files with user authentication, file encryption, geofencing, sharing limitations and offline viewing restrictions.

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